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Art by Ann


Ann Ripley, Owner/Innkeeper and Virginia artist says, "I just love to paint. When more than a week goes by and I haven't picked up a brush, my fingers begin to tingle and I feel restless."

As an award-winning artist and painter, Ann has found the perfect outlet for her creative inspirations at the Inn. Guests are constantly commenting on the little artistic touches seen throughout Federal Crest-from the hand-painted wall mural around the Jacuzzi tub to the floral presentations at breakfast. In her spare time she paints Virginia flowers and landscapes on the broken original roof slates from Federal Crest.

Other art pieces include ceramic tiles, Christmas ornaments, and her specialty -- crystal goblets and other glassware. The uniquely designed and hand-painted glasses have been a tremendous success with the guests. Many place orders or buy from the selections in the Cafe Gift Shop.

"One day I decided it would be neat to paint water goblets to match our Limoges china, so I just did it!" From then on, our breakfast table not only has candlelight, but hand-painted goblets to match the china or celebrate the decor of the season."

Click here to view 65 photos of various art work.

INTERESTED IN ORDERING? Just send Ann an email with your thoughts or questions. Prices vary. Goblets range from $12-20 each, slates from $12-$50, ornaments are $5, $10 and $12. Of course, packing and shipping are extra.

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